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District Clerk

Sandra Warren

For ALL Correspondence – Mail to:
P. O. Box 195 – Farwell, TX 79325

For Directions to the Court:
401 3rd Street
Farwell, TX 79325
806- 481-3419
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Administrative Assistant:
Rose Longley
Adrian Ancira

Information Link:

  • Pending Trials
  • Jury Docket

Duties of District Clerk
The district clerk has a duty to keep the records of the district court safe and properly arranged. The district clerk must, among other things record the acts and proceedings of the district court, enter all judgments of the court under the direction of the judge, record all executions issued and the returns issued on the executions, administer child support payments, administer trust accounts for minors ordered by the courts keep an index of the parties to all suits filed in the court, and make reference to any judgment made in the case and keep an account of all funds collected by the office, including fines and fees, and determine the amount due to citizens who serve on a jury in district court.